Home Hospice Care in Atlanta, GA

Home hospice care may be the solution you and your family needs – right now – as you deal with the life-limiting, terminal illness of a loved one.

This is always a difficult decision to make, but in-home hospice care can make it a little easier because your loved one can get the care they need in a place where they are the most comfortable.

Precious Hospice serves the Atlanta, Georgia area, and our professional, dedicated staff is ready to provide loving care for you and your family through life’s precious moments.

Making It Easy to Get Started

We are covered 100% by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances, so don’t wait to contact us and find out how we can support you and your family through these difficult times.

Our doctors, nurses, chaplains, and volunteers are specially trained to provide the care and the services the patient needs – which means that everyone gets a unique care plan.

What Is In-Home Hospice Care

What exactly does your service include?

Home hospice is a specialized type of care that focuses exclusively on providing comfort and support for people who are facing a life-limiting illness in the patient’s own home.

It isn’t about just seeing to the physical needs of the patient, though. This type of care is meant to support the patients and their families, and can include:

  • Assessing and treating symptoms by a highly trained specialist
  • Integrating the family’s goals and principles into the patient’s individualized care plan
  • Mobilizing healthcare resources to ensure continuity of care
  • Guiding patients through the various care settings (e.g. hospital, nursing home, patient’s home, etc.)

Professional and Extensive Care

You can work with truly dedicated and experienced hospice care providers in Atlanta to make sure your loved ones get the support they need right in their own home.

No transferring to a new environment.

No leaving behind their precious mementoes.

No stale, hospital setting when family members visit.

No extra travel just to be with them.

Instead, you can get all the help and support you need right at home.

At Precious Hospice, you can work with our entire staff of trained and experienced professionals, including:

  • Physicians for medical care
  • Nurses for pain and symptom management
  • Licensed social workers for the patient’s and your emotional needs
  • Certified nursing assistants for daily living and safety support
  • Chaplains for religious services and spiritual guidance

When you hire us for home hospice, you get our entire team. Our goal is to provide you and your loved one the most comfortable and stress-free experience possible.

Excellent Team of Experts

Precious Hospice has been providing this high level of care since 2014, and we’re ready to help you. Each of our workers is screened and experienced in hospice care, and everyone – from our doctors to our volunteers – strives to create a professional, respectful, and courteous environment.

Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to providing pain and symptom management for the patient as well as emotional, spiritual and social support for both the patient and the family.

Is It Time for Home Hospice?

This can be one of the most difficult questions for a family to answer. Many people still associate the need for hospice care with a feeling of “giving up,” so they will put off the decision as long as they can.

In truth, though, a proactive approach to end-of-life care can have significant and far-ranging benefits for the patient and the family.

Home hospice isn’t about giving up or surrendering. It’s about providing the very best care in one of the most difficult situations in life.

There are many benefits to seeking out this kind of care at this point in life. In fact, some studies have suggested that early hospice care can lead to:

  • A higher overall quality of life
  • Fewer and less-aggressive treatments are required during the end-of-life care
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Survival benefit of 2.7 months longer

So, is it time? Call us today (470-878-5051) to learn more about the care that we provide for patients and their families.

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Precious Hospice partners with patients, families and caregivers to lovingly provide skilled care to the terminally ill. Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to patient pain and symptom management, and the emotional, spiritual and social support for patient and family.

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