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Care For The Caregiver- Request A Hospice Volunteer

September 3, 2015 0

Are you caring for someone with a life limiting illness?  Are you so busy going through/doing/tasking/checking items off your “to do” list that instead of shrinking with checks, seems to “grow as you go”?  Have you neglected “you”, your friends, other family members, time alone, time with God?  Request a Hospice Volunteer!  Even the best of caregivers with the best of intentions, need to be refilled, reinvigorated, and sometime reinvented so that they can continue with the task of careGIVING. Your hospice volunteer can GIVE to you the time you need to “catch up” and reacquaint you with you.

Imagine an afternoon to yourself- a nap, a long shower, a ride to the beach, a leisurely roam down the hardware aisle of your favorite store, antique shopping with an old friend, lunch with a new friend, Bible Study, a game of fetch with the dog, an evening out with your special one.  Use your hospice volunteer benefit!  Your loved one will be cared for and you will be cared for.  You will be surpirsed how beneficial an afternoon of self-indulgence will reinvigorate you, clear your mind, brighten your perspective and ultimately make you an even better caregiver.  Request a Hospice Volunteer today.

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